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Exclusive Fantasy Sports GAME
in the Philippines

Daily Fantasy is a team of sports lovers, Now just picture a scenario —— You and your friend are at a sports bar watching an NBA game live, with snacks and beers on the table, soaking up the moment. Or you're lounging on the sofa, watching a live sports event, with pizza and cola besides. Sports bring us closer, enhancing our bond and creating joyful memories. Yet, it feels like something's still missing. Something that can bring more interaction and excitement into this scenario… Yes! it’s Fantasy Sports game, which can combine the live games with you and your friend. Daily Fantasy connects the bond between you and your friend with live sports matches in a totally free or betting way. All of this based on your preference. Daily Fantasy is the game can fulfill this picture. We contribute to make the best fantasy sports game in the local Philippines, and make it fuse into Filipinos’ passon towards basketball with local culture.

PLAY FREE or Betting,
All Ups To You

Daily Fantasy is committed to make everyone enjoy the fun of fantasy sports in a safe and legal way. If you feel betting is not your thing, you can play Daily Fantasy totally free by Ruby in the game. On the contrary, if you are a gamble lovers who likes to earn big reward with strategy and wise plan to outsmart your opponents rather than merely rely on the luck, Daily Fantasy can fit into all.

( Corporate Social Responsibility )

You are not just playing a fantasy sports game, you are one of the community builder who also contribute a little to the society. Daily Fantasy makes this happen. We are not just a team of sports lovers, we are going to do something bigger in the local Philippines. Combine the sports community, assist the local sports league by giving them more impression, build up the basketball court to those poors. This will happen with your helps and our contribution. With your big supports, this idea may come true in near future.