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What is Fantasy Sport?


Fantasy sports is a type of game where you select your favorite players from real-life sports matches to create your own fantasy team. Once the actual game begins, your fantasy team earns points based on the real-time performance of the chosen players. The points are calculated according to a specific point system. For more details about how points are calculated, gamers can refer to the “SPORTS” section on the official website.

What is daily task?


Daily tasks in the game offer rewards in the form of rubies or coins. Players can complete these tasks every day to receive rewards. The nature of the tasks may change daily based on the player's AP Level. The higher a player's AP Level, the greater the rewards they receive upon completing these daily tasks.

Players can view their daily tasks list and track their progress by clicking the calendar icon located in the upper right corner of the 'Home' page.

What is the difference between Daily Fantasy and other fantasy sports apps?


Daily Fantasy stands out with the lowest entry fee among global fantasy sports games. We are the first and best Fantasy sports in the Philippines. We offer varied gameplay and events, including permanent and high-reward events with minimal entry costs, with more to be introduced soon. Additionally, it stands out with the lowest entry fee among global fantasy sports enhanced player experience with daily tasks and real money cash out with safety and PAGCOR authorization. Our unique features, not found in other fantasy sports, include exclusive gambling gameplay, legally licensed by authorities. Users can either play free with ruby or bet on the coin contest, two ways to experience and enjoy Daily Fantasy.

The game aims to provide entertainment to players without adversely affecting their financial status or daily lives during participation.

Why can't I transfer the winnings to my friend?


There is no transfer feature in Daily Fantasy, users cannot transfer any of the items in the game. If user wants to play Daily Fantasy free, we offer you a free way to experience the fantasy sports. User can claim the ruby to join ruby contest free by complete the daily task.

How to get a promotional code?


Players can get the code in many different ways. Usually, the code will be issued when there is an event or special situation. Please follow the Daily Fantasy official fan page and turn on the notification to receive the updated news.

Can I play Daily Fantasy for free?


Yes, you can definitely play Daily Fantasy for free. New registered users can receive welcome gifts and many other bonuses to let players enjoy and try Daily Fantasy. Users can also complete the daily tasks to receive the reward and join the contest without a coin entry fee but with a ruby entry fee.

Please note that ruby is only for users to enjoy and experience fantasy sports in a free way. If you are more interested in gambling, you need to top up and join the coin contest.

What is the event in Daily Fantasy?


Daily Fantasy will hold special or holiday events based on real sports matches. During the event, players can join the event contest to get more rewards and more chances to win.

What is a chatroom?


This feature is in beta, final adjustments may apply.
All will Players can talk, discuss, ask questions, or share information about daily life and sports news in the chatroom with worldwide players.
The content should be followed by the chatroom regulation.

What are the carousel banners showing on the “Home” page?


The carousel banners showing on the “Home” page are to announce updated news, events, bonuses, or rewards to all players in the Daily Fantasy.Players can click the banner image to learn more information about the updated features or news.

What is the subscribe feature? How to subscribe?


The Subscribe feature will only be available on mobile devices ( Android and iOS ).
This feature can notify players the upcoming matches before the match starts.
It can also help the player to change their team members or strategies before the match starts.

Go to the “Home” page and choose the matches they would like to follow.
Then, click the bell icon on the match block to turn on notifications.

Where can I download the APP and play Daily Fantasy?


The game is not ready yet, but the Daily Fantasy team is working hard on the game’s development.
Users can pre-sign up on our official website to get an early sign-up reward. Invite your friends to join the community, more people joined, more reward you will receive once the game is launched.

How do I get started with Daily Fantasy?


Daily Fantasy game has not launched yet, users can pre-sign up the game before the game is officially launched.
Users who pre-sign up Daily Fantasy can receive the Ruby reward once they register the game with pre-sign-up email.
Stay tuned to our updated news:

How to join a contest?


1. Click the Home Icon at the bottom of the game

2. Choose a sport that you like. ( Cricket, Football, NBA )
Please note that the match will be based on the third-party data and official fixtures due to all of the matches are real live matches.

3. Choose an entry fee you like in the contest to join the game.Daily Fantasy provides a variety of entry fees for players, from 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 or even less or more. Players can join the contest without any financial pressure and enjoy the game with a healthy lifestyle.

Why do I need to pick a captain and vice-captain for my team?


Daily Fantasy is committed to providing a more thrilling and realistic experience by combining fantasy sports games with real live matches.In the live matches, every team will have a coach, and the coach will choose a leader to guide the team and lead the team to win.Daily Fantasy brings this mechanism into our game, and let all gamers can be their own coach to manage their own dream team.Therefore, the captain and the vice-captain can earn more points for your team.

The captain can earn you 2x more points
The Vice-captain can earn you 1.5x more points.
Please note that When the captain and vice-captain commit a foul on the field, they incur a greater points deduction.

This will be a winning factor for gamers to come up with a strategy to get victory.

What are Ruby, Coin, and Winning?


• Can  Free play in Daily Fantasy.
• The smallest units in the game, can get easily by completing daily tasks or official giveaways.
• Can join the contest with Ruby entry fees.
• Can offset Coin entry fee. 500 Rubies can offset 1 Coin (This feature will only be available when there's an event.)
Please note that Ruby can not exchange to Coin, players can only use the discount way to offset the Coin entry fee contest with existing Rubies.

• Need to top up to buy in the game.
Can join the contest with Coin entry fees. If you win the contest, you can get "Winnings."
• The medium units in the game, can get by topping up in the game, joining events, or official giveaways.

Can only earn when you win the contest with coin entry fee.
Can exchange to coin, the exchange rate is 1:1.
Can cash out and become real money in Daily Fantasy.

How to top up in Daily Fantasy?


Players can use the following top-up methods in Daily Fantasy:
•UB Online Banking Site and App
•PCHC Paygate
•Instapay P2P, P2B and QR (including e-wallets)
•GrabPay and GCash
•Over-the-counter channels (Cebuana, Palawan, M. Lhuillier, ECPay (7-Eleven), Bayad, SM Stroe — SM Dept, Supermarket, Savemore; Robinsons — Dept Store)

It’s easy to top up without any complicate process.
The detailed flow will be updated in the "CASH" header.

What is the Activity Point Program?


Activity Point Program is also called AP Program or AP Level, Players can level up their rankings in the game by joining the contests or recharging a coin. Each AP Level offers additional in-game rewards, with higher levels receiving more fantastic rewards.

How to upgrade my Activity Point Level?


The player's AP level is the sum of the current month and the last month.
AP Level experience can be increased through the following actions:
• Join contests with 200 Coins entry fees in the game - Get 1 Point
• Recharge 1 Coin in the game - Get 1 Point

Each level requires a different amount of experience to advance, with higher player levels requiring more experience for leveling up.

If I use a coupon to join a contest, can I still get Activity Points?


Yes, you can. AP Poitns depends on how much you actually pay for the entry fee to join the contest no matter what coupon you use.
For example, if you join the contest with 400 coins entry fees and 80% coupon.
Originally you could get 2 points ( 200 coins for 1 point ), but you use the coupon and actually pay 320. So players can get 1 point.

How to get a coupon?


Players can get a 20% off coupon for offsetting the coin entry fee for the first time they enter the game. For more coupons, players can wait for an event or special situation. Please follow the Daily Fantasy official fan page and turn on the notification to receive the updated news.

How to check my current Activity Point Level and other relevant information?


You can check your AP Level on the “Me” page.

Can I transfer coins to other users?


⚠️ Please note that it is not allowed to transfer the coins in Daily Fantasy. You cannot transfer any of your items to other users.

How to add other players to my friend list?


1. Click the profile photo of the player you want to add as a friend in the “Chat Room”or “Leaderboard”. 
2. Click “Add Friend” on the player’s profile page.
3. You can remove the players from your friend list by clicking “Delete Friend” on their profile page.

How to transfer my winnings to other users?


How to redeem a prize in the Daily Fantasy store?


What does the MEGA tag on the contest mean?


The tag is an expected amount of the total prize when the contest spots are full.
Also can mean when there is a promotional or bonus contest inside the match.

How to use the promotional code?


Click “Home” > Click the gift icon in the phone at the bottom left corner > Enter the code in the blank > Press the Use button

What is a practice contest?


Players can polish their skills and try their strategies in the Practice contest.
This will allow players to have a better chance of winning.
All of the practice contests in the game are free to join.

What is Credit when I create my team in the contest?


Every gamers have 100 credit to choose the actual sports players in the world when joining the live match contest. Every actual sports player has different credit, which depends on their performance and the historical status of the matches. Usually, the player with better performance and ability costs more credit to pick. Gamers can see players’ updated info and status to see if they are suitable for your winning team.

Where can I see players’ info in the game?


Click “Home” > choose a sport you like at the top of the screen > choose a match you want to join > choose a contest with the entry fee you like > Press the join button at the bottom > Now you will see the sports players list with a little exclamation mark on the upper left of the player's profile picture > Click the mark and you can check the player info

How to fast copy my team?


Click on the contest you've joined that has not started yet > Click “My Teams” at the top > You can see all your created teams in this contest here > Click the overlapping rectangles icon to copy or edit teams quickly

Can I cancel the joined team in the contest?


No, you cannot cancel the joined team in the contest so you need to make sure if you want to join the match or not.

How to track the started matches’ status?


Click “Match” at the bottom > Choose a sport you joined at the top, and you can see the started matches’ status and your team points. All the status and points will be synced with the live match data and your picked players’ performance.

Where can I see my joined contest result?


You can go to the “Matches” or “Result” page to see your joined contest status.
The “Matches” page will show the updated status of your joining team and the team points.
The “Result” page will show all the finished live matches with the 1st place winner and reward.

Players can pre-sign up for Daily Fantasy before its official launch. During this phase, if users pre-sign up, they'll get ruby rewards depending on how many members pre-sign up. The more members who pre-sign up before the launch, the bigger the ruby rewards for those who did. Ruby rewards for pre-signing up are limited and can be claimed only once the game officially starts.

How to delete my account?


Players can Daily Fantasy’s support team via
Daily Fantasy will assist players to finish the deleting account process.
Please don’t forget to provide feedback and the reason of why you would like to delete your account to the team.This can help our team to improve game experience and build a better environment for players.

How to get refund?


If players make a purchase in the game and then request a refund, please refer to the terms and conditions for details on refunds.
After reviewing the documents, email Daily Fantasy's support team via
The team will first investigate the issue before assisting you with the refund process.

How to do if my purchase fails in the game?


Player can email Daily Fantasy's support team via and provide the following information to the team:

Purchase date
Purchase time (roughly)
Purchase item & amount
Purchase Method
Player ID

With the clear information provided, the team will help you to fix the failure issue as soon as possible.

Where can I find my Game/Player ID?


Your Game/Player ID is located on the "Me" page, displayed as a string of numbers next to your profile picture.

How to report other players if I find them violating the rules?


Players can email Daily Fantasy’s support team via
Please provide clear evidence and describe how the player violates the rules as detailed as you could. Daily Fantasy team will depends on the description and evidence to see if the punishment is reasonable.

Can I purchase winning in the game?


Winning can only be obtained via getting victory in the contest or redeeming the speical code which is issued by official. Players cannot purchase winning.

Can I block other players in the game?


Daily Fantasy does not offer this feature in the game currently, but we will keep updating the game with more new features.

Can I cash out my winning to real money?


Yes, you can cash out your winnings into real money via Daily Fantasy.
Daily Fantasy has been authorized by PAGCOR and licensed with safety. Users can play the game totally free with a ruby contest or bet on the coin contest in the game. The game aims to be recognized as a sports game with a positive influence, motivating the sports industry without causing financial problems or pressure on users.
Daily Fantasy is distinct from other fantasy sports or gambling games as it is teamed up by a group of sports lovers and contributed to build up the local community in the Philippines.
Please be aware that gambling games may be risky. Daily Fantasy bears no responsibility for any gambling or financial issues that users may encounter in the game.

Daily Fantasy is committed to complying with local laws and regulations. Our goal is to provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for players to engage in the fantasy sports game.